Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Custom Urns: What Style Is Right for You?

We understand that it's never fun to face your mortality, which is why so many people choose not to pre plan for their own memorial service, but it's one way that you can save your family from a lot of stress after you pass, plus you get to ensure that you have the memorial service that you want. Another item that you can tackle before you pass away is to look into custom urns and have one made specifically for you.

Custom urns are a great way for you to express your individuality even after you pass on. They can be as creative as you want, ranging from concrete designs to abstract ideas. So what style of custom urn is right for you?

Realistic - This is for those of you that are interested in custom urns that are physical representations of an item. It can be something that depicts your favorite hobby or your lifelong career. This can be anything from an antique sewing machine for the seamstress or a high heeled shoe for the woman with discerning tastes.

Abstract - This is an artistic representation of whatever you like. You can ask the custom urns artist to create his or her vision of the physical representation of words that you think describe you best. It takes a lot of communication between you and your artist to get the look just right, but the result can be something truly unique and beautiful that's an artistic representation of your personality.

Bohemian - You're a carefree person and you want your custom urn to show that. This can be represented through color, style or even materials being used. Work with the artist to have them create something that shows your truly energetic and carefree spirit in form. The two materials that are good for this style are glass and ceramics because of the earthy feel of ceramics and the flowing feel of glass.

All Natural - Ceramics are, of course, a great choice for custom urns that you want to have an all-natural feel to them, but you can talk to the artist and make sure that they use products that are environmentally friendly even if you won't be burying the urn. Ask them to use biodegradable chemicals and paints and if you do want a memorial that will biodegrade ask that they use ceramics that are designed to break down properly.

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