Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Create a Custom Urn

If you decide that you would like to preplan for your funeral and memorial service, one of the aspects you might want to consider is having a custom urn created for your cremains. When you create a custom urn, you get a completely unique urn designed to your specifications that represents you and honors your life in a lasting memorial. But how do you get started making a custom urn? Where should you begin? We've compiled several helpful steps to ensure that the urn creation process goes smoothly for you.

Fill Out a Request for Estimate. First things first, you have to make a connection with a company that can help you create a custom urn. Many sites have a "request an estimate" button on their site. This will get the ball rolling.

Contact an Artist. In fact, this is probably going to happen vice versa and an artist will contact you. Depending on the medium that you want to use and the type of cremation urn you are interested in having made for you, an artist who specializes in that particular medium (be it stone, metal or ceramics) will contact you to get started on designing your urn.

Receive First Draft of Design Concept. Once you and your artist have talked, they will work on a sketch of their interpretation of your ideas for the perfect memorial urn for you. When you get the initial sketch, it might be exactly what you were hoping for, or it might take a little more feedback before it's perfect. When you work with an artist to create a custom urn, you have to be willing to give honest and constructive feedback on the first few iterations of the design.

Send in Revisions. As stated above, when you send in your revisions, make sure to communicate your changes as clearly as possible so that the artist can make the right changes. They understand that having a urn made, whether it's for you or for a loved one, is an emotional subject and will be very understanding, but it's important to be as communicative as you can be.

Sign off on the Final Design. Typically you are allowed three revisions before the final design needs to be made. This is not because the artists are trying to be difficult, but to prevent your urn from being stuck in the planning stages for months. After the third (or first, if you love it right off the bat) revision, you'll sign off on the design and the artist will begin to create a custom urn just for you.

Receive your Custom Urn. Depending on the intricacy of the design and materials used, your custom urn can take some time to arrive, but once it does, you'll be happy that you decided to create a custom urn for your memorial.

Melody Jamali is the Founder and President of ( Une Belle Vie ), a Colorado company dedicated to bringing choice of cremation to public light. Their company offers the widest selection in decorative urns for cremation and includes a wide collection of resources designed to help families and friends in their time of need. From tool for the grieving to informative articles about planning, support and other uplifting thoughts, Une Belle Vie is a company dedicated to helping your celebrate the life of the one you love - on your terms.

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