Saturday, December 1, 2012

Commemorate the Dead With Bronze Plaques

When laying a loved one to rest, the final stage of closure involves the placement of grave markers. These give you one final chance to communicate to the world how important the deceased was to you. Grave markers are the last gift you can give to your lost loved one. As such, there should be more to them than just headstones on their grave.

Designing grave markers during a difficult time can be a distressing task, however. Grief can overwhelm your decision-making or design process, despite your desire to create a lasting and loving marker. When this happens, you can follow these guidelines to have an earnest and thoughtful grave marker.

Gather Details

Gather information about the deceased, including the correct spelling of their name and dates of birth and death. Write it down, then double-check to make sure this important information is accurate.

Choose a Photo

Look through photos of the deceased, if you are planning to put a picture on the memorial plaque. Choose a photo that portrays them in the prime of their life or in happier times, like their childhood. You can also choose a recent photo as a remembrance of their appearance at the time of their death.

Choose an Epitaph

Epitaphs can serve as reflections of a person's existence. They highlight a person's personality traits and accomplishments in life. In some cases, they might also tell the story of the circumstance that brought them to their death.

When choosing an appropriate epitaph, look through a Bible, Torah, Koran or other religious materials for comforting and inspirational quotes, if the deceased had a religious preference. Consider using their favorite passage or scripture. Choose a quote that is not too long or wordy, however.

You can also choose an epitaph detailing the accomplishments of the deceased's life. For instance, you can commemorate the philanthropic works of a loved one known for their charitable works.

You can also look through a copy of the eulogy, if available. Write down some of the tributes given at the memorial service. Choose moving and appropriate quotes that best capture the spirit of the deceased. Whatever subject you choose, make sure the epitaph marks the deceased's existence here on Earth.

Add Embellishments

Decorate the grave marker by adding a simple flourish under the name and dates. Put a single flower or simple religious symbol on the side or at the top, if applicable.

Sketch out the Plaque

Draw an approximate draft of the plaque. Put the name at the top and the dates of birth and death below. Decide where to place the photo and epitaph, if applicable. Sketch out a block for copy or text.

Choose a Design

Grave marker manufacturers have different resources available to help you design. These include templates or ready-made designs, such as single monuments, footstones, and bronze plaques.


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