Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Select Burial Urns That Are Eco-Friendly

It's becoming more commonplace for people to request cremation as part of their afterlife wishes. While some people may do this for cost reasons, another reason many people choose cremation is because it is a more eco-friendly option than traditional burial. In keeping with their wishes to be kinder to Mother Earth after they die, you may want to consider looking at biodegradable burial urns to contain their cremains.

Unfortunately, one of the problems with burial urns and finding one that is eco-friendly is that there are companies without scruples that would try and sell you an urn that's not 100% green. So what can you do to make sure that the burial urns you're looking at are 100% biodegradable?

Look for thick paper or ceramic urns. Not every material is biodegradable. Materials like glass, metal and stone will not break down over time and are therefore not suitable biodegradable burial urns (they make lovely memorial urns though). In fact, not all ceramic urns are biodegradable. Make sure that the ceramics used to make the burial urns you're looking at is not too thick and has micro perforations. A thinner shell with minute perforations helps the urn to biodegrade much more quickly. There are also urns that are made from a cardboard-like material that are designed to break down quickly in either soil or sea.

Make sure there are no added chemicals. One of the surest ways to discover whether burial urns are biodegradable is to check the contents of the material used to create the urn. If there are complex chemical names listed, then chances are that the urn is not truly biodegradable.

Check to make sure any glaze used is organic. One facet of burial urns that many people forget to check is the glaze used on the urn. Frequently, little thought is put into the paints used on the urn but they can have a negative effect on the land if the glaze used is not organic. Check to make sure the glazes are made using naturally occurring dyes with vegetable or plants bases.

For burial at sea, look for deep water urns. If you decide to bury your loved one's cremains at sea, you must still use biodegradable burial urns in order to ensure it breaks down in the water and doesn't leave any trace after a day or two. These urns can also be called "deep water urns," and they are designed to break down quickly once they hit the water.

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